Warranty & Maintenance


We think it is very important that the consumer receives a good product from us, which is why all items are thoroughly checked before shipment for loose seams, buttons, decoration, etc. The zippers are opened and closed a number of times to ensure that the zipper works properly. After checking for defects, the item will be steam cleaned by us and then packaged.

To prevent abuse, all orders are checked for the quality of the items and we take a photo of the item before it is sent to the customer. Disputes can thus be substantiated on the basis of the photo. Upon receipt of your order, immediately check the products for defects. If you nevertheless discover a defect, appropriate service will be provided. Please contact us within 24 hours of receipt via info@empathicstyle.com.

empathicstyle.com gives NO guarantee for:

– Due to incorrect or intensive use.
– Defects caused by washing or drying.
– Intentional damage or due to negligence, for example water, fall and/or impact damage.
– Discoloration or rusting of the metal due to contact with water, perfume and other cosmetics.
– Loosening of buttons, stones, sequin prints or other applied decorative embellishments.
– Zippers that have become stuck between the fabric of a garment due to your own actions.
– Defects are caused by external influences, such as friction, sharp objects or chemicals.
– Misuse or negligent maintenance of jewelry, clothing or accessories.


How do I keep my clothes beautiful for as long as possible:

– Wash your clothes according to the washing instructions.
– Always wash your clothes inside out.
– Choose the right washing program for your clothes to prevent lint on your clothes.
– It is even better to wash lint-sensitive clothing in a special laundry bag. By washing the clothing in a laundry bag you prevent the clothing from unnecessarily rubbing against other clothing.
– Close the zippers. If you do not close the zippers, the teeth will constantly rub against the other items of clothing.
– Do not put your clothes in the dryer, but dry them on the line.


All our jewelry is made of stainless steel or gold plated material and is 100% nickel free. Stainless steel, also known as stainless steel, has many advantages. The material does not discolour and lasts a very long time.

Our plated jewelry has a layer of real silver or gold, which prevents the jewelry from discoloring. But the layer can eventually wear off due to external influences. Below are a number of tips to keep your plated jewelry beautiful and to prevent tarnish.

How do I keep my jewelry beautiful for as long as possible:

– Never wear jewelry during housework, rough work or sports. Jewelry can be damaged and/or worn by certain cleaning agents and hard knocks.
– Remove all jewelry before going to bed. They will wear out and break more quickly while you sleep.
– Only put on your jewelry after you have applied deodorant, body lotion, makeup, hairspray or perfume. Substances in cosmetics can damage jewelry.
– Do not shower or swim with your jewelry on. Soap residue can remain on and in your jewelry, which ultimately causes discoloration.
– Store necklaces and bracelets with the clasp closed to reduce the chance of 'knotting'.